Rachael's Customer Service Experience

I have decided to have my surgery with The Westbourne Centre and would just like to tell you that besides the good reviews of the surgeon that I have chosen, the main reason I have chosen Westbourne is because of the amazing service I have received from Stephanie.

Every time I have emailed Stephanie, I have been given a very quick reply. Her replies have been very informative and very helpful (my last email I asked her to answer over 10 questions!!). I really appreciated the fact that she spent a lot of time giving me information even at the point when I hadn't even made a consultation booking, (many companies don't give you the time of day until they've got at least some of your cash).

As Stephanie is the first point of contact for all potential patients and customers I would like to let you know that she puts forward a very good impression of Westbourne Centre. I haven't at any point felt like just another number like many of the plastic surgery companies have made me feel. Her replies have always felt specific and personal to my requirements and not like she's reading them from a script (again like many other companies do).

I have already given Stephanie my thanks for her service but I just wanted to let you know as the Deputy General Manager how well Stephanie is putting a very good impression across of The Westbourne Centre.

Many thanks
Rachael Hunter

(Email received by Deputy General Manager 21st May 2014)

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