Simon Greenfield's Ear Pinning Surgery

For years I had been unhappy with the appearance of my ears and in June of this year, I finally decided to look into corrective surgery.

I first became aware of The Westbourne Centre when searching the internet for places in the West Midlands to have ear pinning surgery carried out. After reading positive feedback, I decided to arrange a consultation with Mr Nishikawa.

During the consultation, Mr Nishikawa was completely realistic about what was and wasn't possible with the surgery. Although it wouldn't be possible to achieve perfect symmetry, he agreed that an otoplasty could improve the apperance of my ears. All of the potential complications were discussed in detail and Mr Nishikawa explained the benefits of having the procedure carried out under local anaesthetic with sedation. I asked about the possibility of viewing the results immediately after surgery and he was happy for this to be arranged.

After deciding to go ahead with the surgery, my procedure was booked for a Wednesday morning and I decided to take the remainder of that week and the entire following week off work. I arrived at The Westbourne Centre shortly after 8am and my surgery began at around 9am. Although the procedure took over an hour to complete, it only seemed to last a fraction of that time because of the sedation. I was shown the results in a mirror after the first ear had been operated on and then again at the end, which enabled me to have a good idea of how they would look after my recovery. I was pleased with what I saw and this was massively reassuring as otherwise I would have had to wait until the bandages were removed before seeing the results for the first time.

Within a couple of hours I was able to go home. Although I did experience some pain in the first two days, I was able to control it with mild painkillers. I spent the next few days at home resting and after six days I removed the bandages. Despite my ears being slightly bruised and swollen, I could already see that the results were excellent. Most of the bruising, swelling and numbness subsided over the following few days and I was able to return to work as planned.

I am absolutely delighted with the results and I am still amazed by how natural Mr Nishikawa was able to make my ears appear. The whole process was handled with complete professionalism from beginning to end and I cannot recommend The Westbourne Centre highly enough. My only regret is not doing it sooner!

Simon Greenfield

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