Sue Squire's Breast Augmentation

I have always wanted larger breasts, but the thought of having a General Anaesthetic put me off, so when I read an article in a magazine about having breast surgery under Local Anaesthetic.

Iit stuck in my mind and I looked up The Westbourne Centre on the internet, asked for some details and I also watched the video clip from 'This Morning' TV programme on the homepage of The Westbourne Centre's website, which shows some of the operation taking place. I had a consultation with Mr Nishikawa who confirmed he was willing to perform the operation and I could expect to go from a 34A to a 34C, which suited me as I am asize 8/10 and an active person.

On the day of my surgery the theatre staff came and introduced themselves and made me feel at ease. As soon as the sedation was injected by the Anaesthetist I felt as though I was floating away and I don't remember much else. Apparently, I was talking throughout the surgery and I woke up feeling very sleepy and was taken to a side room to come round where the nurse pulled the covers back to reveal my new breasts! They were encased in a stick on support type bra above and below the nipples. After having some nice refreshments and getting dressed, I was able to leave the Centre. I stayed the night in the area so I could have my check up the next morning.

I found the stitches pulled a bit if I moved my arms during the first few days and I needed help getting out of bed, but I didn't find them painful at all. When the stick on bra came off after a week I felt much better and moved onto wearing sports bras, which give fantastic support following surgery. After 2 weeks I was able to ride my horse again and after a month was able to get back to doing some exercises. I am thrilled with the results and wish I had done it years ago. It is lovely to have something to put in a bra and bikini! I would highly recommend Mr Nishikawa at The Westbourne Centre and if anyone would like to get in touch with me to chat about the procedure, I will be happy to speak to them.

Sue Squire

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