I was so pleased when I saw the results and knew it had been worth it

endy had both a mastopexy and browlift with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa. Read her story...

I was looking at my Sunday newspaper and a certain page caught my eye; it read that a lady had had breast implants as a day procedure.

I’d been considering breast surgery for a while, so, after a week of contemplating, my friend encouraged me to give The Westbourne Centre a ring for information. The staff were very helpful and I chose to book in for a consultation with Mr Hiroshi Nishikawa.

When the day arrived, I was very nervous.  As I am fifty-two I thought that I would not be suitable for this procedure. Then a gentleman called me into his office - it was Mr Nishikawa. He made me feel very confident. Talking to him I said my breasts hung low and I would like a nice new shape. So he examined me and discussed the proposed treatment as well as the benefits and possible risks.  I asked a lot of questions but ultimately, I had no hesitations to go ahead with the surgery.

The surgery went well and afterwards I had no problems.  I went home on the night time and had a nurse telephone to see how I was - I told the nurse I was feeling fine. My next visit was seven days later. All the stitches were dissolvable so my dressing was removed and sterilised strips and microtape were provided for me to continue to apply for the next eight to twelve weeks. They also recommended that I used a support bra to help with my new shape.

I was so pleased when I saw the results and knew it had been worth it. I think Britain has very good cosmetic surgeons and Mr Nishikawa is one of them.  I would recommend this very experienced plastic surgeon.  I have achieved my perfect body thanks to him and all the lovely staff at The Westbourne Centre.

Further surgery:
As a result of my mastopexy, I also decided to have a browlift.  My eyelids were very droopy which was making me look very tired all the while.  Mr Nishikawa performed this procedure under local anaesthetic with sedation as a day case, and, just a week after the surgery, I could see a big difference. I am delighted with the way I look and would definitely recommend The Westbourne Centre for cosmetic surgery.

I think people complain about botched-up bodies on television but I had a good surgeon which makes all the difference. Thanks so much to all the team at The Westbourne Centre!

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