Spinal Surgery

If back pain is preventing you from living your life to the full we can help. More than four out of five of us will suffer from chronic back pain at some point in our lives, our aim at Woodthorpe Hospital is to provide you fast and convenient appointments for the diagnosis and treatment of your spine or neck problem so you can get back moving and doing the things you love again.

Woodthorpe Hospital offers a wide range of options for back and neck pain, from physiotherapy, pain management to complex spinal and surgery.

Your care will be led by our specialist spinal or orthopaedic consultants, supported by orthopaedic nursing staff, consultant radiologists and chartered physiotherapists. 

Back and neck pain is common and there are many reasons why it occurs. It might be that you’ve lifted something incorrectly, bent awkwardly, you’ve poor posture, you’re suffering from injury (whiplash, a fracture), or you may have a disease or age related condition (arthritis, degeneration). Most often back and neck pain will disappear on its own but sometimes it continues for six weeks or more. This is known as chronic back or neck pain and it’s important to see a doctor if this is the case. They will assess your pain and offer advice on how to manage your pain. Your lifestyle may be contributing to your pain and by making changes your pain could be relieved.

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Use your private medical insurance to fund your treatment through our simple referral process.

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