Neuro Surgery

Neurosurgery includes the assessment, diagnosis and surgical treatment, prevention and recovery of disorders of the nervous system.

Ramsay Health Care offers the latest in neurosurgical care and the technically demanding procedures to treat complex neurological conditions.

We work with the highest calibre of neurosurgeons who access Ramsay hospital’s state of the art facilities to perform the latest treatments, rehabilitation and management techniques for brain, spine and nervous system conditions.

We fully understand that our neurosurgery patients are going through a difficult time. We offer the reassurance that you will be cared for by the very best neurosurgeons, neurologists and supporting nursing teams.

Our neurosurgeons assess and treat many neurological conditions, from complicated brain surgery through to more common problems such as epilepsy, stroke and sciatica. They offer convenient appointments without waiting at a local Ramsay hospital near you.

Patients often see our neurosurgeons if they are showing symptoms of extremity numbness, low back pain, chronic pain, a weak grip, persistent headaches, impaired movement and seizures.

Your safety is our priority. We have strict infection control protocols in place to keep you and our staff safe whilst visiting one of our Ramsay hospitals.

Latest news and advice

Cobalt Hospital Achieves Re-accreditation of JAG

Cobalt Hospital are proud to achieve reaccreditation of JAG. Join accreditation group (JAG) visited the site during January, and successfully awarded the Endoscopy department with re-accreditation.

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Hertfordshire MP Julie Marson visits Rivers Hospital

Julie Marson MP, Member of Parliament for Hertford and Stortford and the former Employment Minister, recently visited Rivers Hospital in Hertfordshire to meet local doctors, nurses and staff to see how the hospital is providing high quality healthcare for local people.

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Clifton Park Hospital Sponsors Clifton Alliance Cricket Club

Clifton Park Hospital are delighted to be sponsoring Clifton Alliance Cricket Club full season from April to September 2024. 

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