Congratulations to West Midlands Hospital for gaining JAG accreditation

Following a comprehensive review of the endoscopy service undertaken by an expert team of assessors, the professionalism, dedication and teamwork demonstrated by the endoscopy service has resulted in the achievement of JAG accreditation for West Midlands Hospital.

This accreditation verifies that the endoscopy service at West Midlands Hospital is meeting rigorous, high-quality standards which are used across the UK and Republic of Ireland to support improvement in clinical care and the patient experience.

The award of accreditation lasts for 5 years and is subject to an ongoing annual review process. A site assessment is undertaken every 5 years and between these assessments there is an annual remote review of key pieces of evidence to show that the service is maintaining the standard.

Visit the JAG website to find out more about what accreditation means to service users here.