Spectacle Independence with New Lens for Cataract Surgery

Mr Upton is our first patient to have the new Puresee intraocular lens to support his cataract surgery. Referred by his local optician, he was seen by Consultant Ophthalmologist Mr Jesse Panthagani. As a private patient, the different lens options was discussed openly with the patient to ensure the right lens supported his lifestyle needs as well as clinical needs.

The new lens would allow him to have the clear vision to play sport again (inc. tennis, golf and football), as well as to work with computers, and to read his kindle and phone without the need for glasses, giving him the spectacle independence, he required. Mr Upton is two-week post operatively with his 2nd eye and is delighted with the outcome.

“I’ve been really impressed with my Consultant and the top quality facilities at Glendon Wood Hospital. The nursing and theatre staff were all lovely and looked after me during my stay. The team put me at ease during the procedure itself and I was able to share my experience with other patients waiting for surgery. I am able to see everything clearly, far, near and close-up without the need of my glasses, which is revelatory, liberating and astonishing!”.


Two men smiling; patient Mr Upton with Consultant Ophthalmologist