Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal Detachment Surgery at Springfield Hospital

What is a Retinal Detachment Surgery?

Retinal detachment surgery is performed if your retina becomes detached to prevent blindness.

Your retina can become detached if it has one or more holes, called retinal tears, in the outer part of your retina. These tears allow vitreous (a jelly-like fluid substance in your eye) to pass underneath your retina and lift it off. Your retina then becomes separated from the supporting and nourishing tissues underneath it. Small blood vessels may also be damaged and bleed into the vitreous causing further clouding of your vision.

Retinal detachment surgery aims to seal any retina tears and make your retina lie flat against the inside of your eye again. It may involve:

  • removing and replacing vitreous jelly inside your eye (vitrectomy)
  • injecting a small air or gas bubble into your eye to push your retina back into place (pneumatic retinopexy)
  • putting a tiny, flexible and permanent band around the white part of your eye that gently pushes the wall of your eye and retina closer together and helps your retina reattach (scleral buckling)
  • sealing the tear in your retina with laser or freezing treatment (cryotherapy)
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