Can a Vasectomy be Reversed

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A vasectomy is a surgical procedure that acts as a permanent form of male contraception. It is typically taken by those who no longer wish to have any or more children, however, circumstances and opinions can always change and so some people may opt for a vasectomy reversal later down the line.

Vasectomies consist of having the tubes that carry sperm either cut or permanently sealed with heat in order to prevent pregnancy. This has zero impact on sexual performance – it just means semen will no longer contain any sperm.

You should always be absolutely certain that this surgery is right for you as it can be quite difficult to reverse – but not impossible.

Although it can be difficult and complicated, vasectomies can actually be reversed. If personal circumstances change and you find yourself with a changed mindset or opinions later down the line, this surgery can be reversed.

The decision to have a reversal is influenced by a number of different factors, whether that’s a general change of heart, having children with a new partner due to divorce or any other reason, gaining more stability and resources to begin and support a family, or recovery from illnesses and afflictions that affect conception.

Whatever your reason for choosing to undergo a vasectomy reversal, it’s reassuring to know that this is still an option. A vasectomy reversal procedure essentially works to reattach the vas deferens to your penis so that you are able to ejaculate sperm again, helping to increase your chance of conception.


Can a Vasectomy be reversed after 15 years?

In short, yes. Vasectomies are generally reversible up to 20 or more years after the initial procedure took place. However it’s important to keep in mind that the more years that pass without a reversal, the less likely that you’ll be able to have a child. Other factors such as age may also play a part in decreasing your chances of conception.


How painful is a Vasectomy reversal?

Healing and recovering from a vasectomy is fairly quick and easy, and most men can return to their normal routine and carry out light work within a week. You will have to take it easy however and refrain from engaging in sexual activities for around 2-3 weeks.

Pain after surgery can be treated with medications, although for most this will not last too long. Almost half of all men who go through a reversal feel the pain is similar to that of the original vasectomy, some feel it is considerably less and a few think it is actually worse. Again, it will depend on each individual, their age, overall health and other factors.

If the pain persists and pills do not help even after a few weeks, please consult your urologist.


Does Vasectomy reversal increase my chances of having a child?

Whilst it’s not 100% guaranteed, vasectomy reversals can increase your chances of having a child by 30% to 70%. Each individual and body is vastly different, so it’s not possible to determine if it would be genuinely successful for you or not.

Aside from a successful pregnancy, the only way to check to if the reversal worked is by testing your sperm count, which a urologist can do. They will test your semen every 2 to 3 months to see if the sperm reappears and continues to increase, which can take anywhere from 3 to 15 months.

It can take up to a year for your partner to get pregnant after a vasectomy reversal. Some women can get pregnant sooner, whilst for others it could take much longer. This is dependent on both your partners physical health and also the overall success of your vasectomy reversal. Pregnancy rates are typically highest when the reversal is performed sooner after the vasectomy.

If the reversal does work however, you should stay fertile for many years.


Vasectomy reversals at Ramsay Healthcare

Here at Ramsay Health Care, we understand that personal circumstances can always change and that the decision to have a vasectomy was right for you at a certain time – but may not be right for you anymore. Our expert specialists can talk through your options and see if a Vasectomy Reversal is right for you.

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