What causes thread veins?

Thread Veins (also known as Spider veins, Broken veins or Telangiectasia) of the leg are a common problem, particularly affecting women. Small red or purple veins can form anywhere on the leg and while they do not pose any major health risk, they may cause discomfort. Many people who have Thread Veins find them unsightly and embarrassing and often attempt to conceal them with clothing or resort to cosmetic cover-ups, the results of which are often disappointing.

No one has determined for certain why some people are affected although long periods of standing or sitting or trauma to the leg, such as a blow or fall, may contribute to their formation. More women than men develop this condition, perhaps as a result of normal hormonal changes such as those that occur in pregnancy.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure in which a fine needle is used to inject a small amount of solution directly into the thread vein. The solution displaces the blood within the vein, making it blanch or turn white, and prevents blood from re-entering the vein.

The thread vein will fade within two to eight weeks following treatment. Some areas may, however, require repeat treatment to achieve optimum results. An interval of 6-8 weeks is recommended between treatments.

Is sclerotherapy painful?

Customers who have received this treatment report little discomfort. Some experience a slight burning sensation immediately after the injection which lasts a few seconds.

Are there any side effects?

Most customers experience no adverse effects although some minor side effects have been reported. These include slight swelling which occurs as a reaction to the injection but this invariable subsides over 2 -3 days. Swelling may occur in the veins of the lower leg or ankle. Although not dangerous, this should be treated at home with elevation.

Occasionally a small dark area of pigmentation resembling a freckle may remain. These spots usually disappear spontaneously as will any bruising within 2 - 14 days.

Can thread veins be prevented?

There is no clear cut method of preventing the onset of Thread Veins, however, some authorities believe that the use of support hose, weight control and exercise may be beneficial. 

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