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Five years ago, 50 year old Heath Samples from Scarborough, North Yorkshire was told that he would need hip surgery. Worried that surgery and recovery time would affect his active lifestyle and work, Heath decided to put it off until the pain was so bad, that he walked with a limp.

Heath said: “I was told five years previously that it was “well wrecked” by an orthopaedic surgeon friend who had seen an x-ray, but I decided to leave it as I was both too busy and didn’t want to go through the operation and recovery. In the end the movement was that restrictive that I was struggling to do anything with a smile, I would decline active invitations to do things and my hobbies were starting to narrow. My family and friends were all telling me that I was limping and it got to a point where the pain was getting unbearable and I was in discomfort 24/7.”

In 2017, Heath met Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Tony Maury at Clifton Park Hospital in York, and decided to use his insurance to pay for his treatment.

“Tony was fantastic. I remember seeing my x-rays and the hip was a real mess. I thought I don’t expect this is going to be straight forward for him. I asked and he said: “It’s incredibly routine!” Fantastic. I knew I was in excellent hands.”

“It was a very professional yet relaxing approach to my hip replacement. The information was continual and I was fully informed of the whole process, start to finish, in a nice simple manner. It put my mind at complete rest. The ward staff were really helpful, supportive and fun, nothing was too much trouble.”

Heath’s hip replacement surgery meant a three night stay in hospital, and as part of his recovery, was treated by the physiotherapy department on-site at Clifton Park Hospital.

After a week, heath was back on his feet; walking unaided by four weeks.

Heath chose Clifton Park Hospital after a recommendation.

“I knew it already had an excellent reputation from friends who had used it before. I went on that recommendation and it was the best thing I ever did. The whole experience was fantastic.”

When asked about his experience, Heath said:

“Do it. Do it now. It’s absolutely nothing and it will change your whole life, trust me, I wish I’d have listened to people telling me five years ago.”

Clifton Park Hospital staff are delighted to get such great feedback from patients and continuously strive to improve their services. Clifton Park Hospital treats private, insured and NHS patients and offers a range of treatments and services including orthopaedics, sports injury,

cosmetic surgery and diagnostics such as MRI and x-ray facilities. Their brand new outpatient facility offers state-of-the-art consulting rooms and access to free advice sessions from a selection of consultant surgeons who operate at the hospital

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Hip Replacement

Surgery to remove the damaged ball and socket of the hip and replace with an artificial ball and socket made of metal, plastic, ceramic, or a combination of these materials.

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