Trafford Gordon - Hip Replacement at Pinehill Hospital

As an active young individual, aged 34 in full time employment, struggling to make it past lunch time without suffering in pain was really taking a toll, as the pain prevented me from living my life to the full and the activities I love to do.

I decided it was time to seek professional healthcare advice, first I reached out to my health insurance company, Vitality. On initial enquiry the team highly recommended Pinehill Hospital to me for my hip pain, I was then booked in for an initial consultation with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Tai.

From initially walking through the doors at Pinehill Hospital for the first time, all of the staff made me feel welcome and at ease. I then met with Mr Tai, I felt in safe hands as he clearly explained what was causing my pain and all of the options available to me. I decided to proceed with a day case hip replacement, as this was the best option for me to move forward with my life and meant I could hopefully return to being active again, enjoying my life with limited disruption.

I felt like I had a new lease of life following my operation. The team at Pinehill encouraged me to be active as soon as I had the operation, which helped me to be on my feet within just 4 weeks following the operation without the use of crutches. Being able to be on my feet all day and not be in serve pain even only 6 weeks after the op is just an amazing feeling, I am extremely grateful to Mr Tai and everyone at Pinehill Hospital who was involved in my journey and recovery.

I am finally able to get back to the things I enjoy, playing sports and travelling again without having to worry about suffering in pain.

Next Steps