Hydrocele Repair Child

Hydrocele Repair Surgery

Hydrocele repair (child) surgery is a simple procedure to repair hydrocele swelling around the testicle. The exact hydrocele repair (child) treatment will depend on your child’s symptoms, age, general health and the type and severity of the hydrocele.

Young children with a communicating hydrocele that does not close up naturally after their first birthday will be offered hydrocele repair surgery to prevent future complications.

Under general anaesthetic, a small incision is made in the groin. The surgeon empties the fluid from the sac and sews the sac closed to close the channel that connects the abdomen to the scrotum. The muscle wall may be reinforced with stitches.

Teenage boys who have adult-type non-communicating hydroceles have hydrocele repair surgery that is performed through an incision in their scrotum. Hydrocele repair (child) usually takes about an hour.

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