Speak up for Safety

Safety Code

All Ramsay Health Care UK staff have been trained to Speak up for Safety (SUFS), in partnership with the Cognitive Institute, which reinforces the company’s commitment to providing outstanding healthcare and safeguarding patients.

The initiative includes following and adhering to clinical pathways and policies, embracing digital change, and maintaining up-to-date documentation. It encourages and empowers staff to challenge anyone, including senior colleagues, who may be putting patients at risk with their behaviour.

The SUFS programme builds on Paul Ramsay’s philosophy of ‘people caring for people’ and promotes professional accountability within the hospital, highlighting any behaviour which undermines a culture of safety.

Elements of the scheme include graded assertiveness training for all staff and a feedback platform to report both positive and negative experiences, all of which equip the teams with the confidence to speak up for safety.

Ramsay Health Care UK has invested in an extensive training programme with staff across England to make sure they understand how the system works and how to address issues that arise in day-to-day situations. Speaking up for Safety is part of Ramsay's commitment to supporting the culture of safety and ensuring high professional standards are maintained throughout the organisation.

For more information about the SUFS Programme, visit the Cognitive Institute's website here

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