Global Graduates Commence First International Rotation

In September 2021, Sarah Hamilton and Nina Porter joined Ramsay UK as part of our Global Graduate Scheme.

The scheme provides opportunities for graduates to develop a career in healthcare and comprises three placements, each eight months in duration.

Both Sarah and Nina completed their first placement in May. In their time with us, both delivered incredible work on hugely important projects.

Sarah worked within our People team to develop our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion strategy leading to the creation of our People & Culture Forum.

“I was given a fantastic opportunity to lead the evolution of the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) strategy,” Sarah said. “Having the responsibility to progress an incredibly important piece of work that is integral to our Ramsay Way of 'People Caring for People’ was an excellent experience. I particularly enjoyed researching and consulting with Ramsay colleagues to understand what matters to people, and how we can sustain and encourage an organisational culture of inclusion and equity. I look forward to seeing how the People & Culture Forum comes together to progress the strategy in the coming months.”

Nina worked within our Customer Leadership team and was instrumental in launching the Ramsay Cares strategy here in the UK.

Nina said: "I never imagined as a graduate I would be given the opportunity to lead such a large project. Being trusted with Ramsay Cares made my contributions to the company feel valued. The placement gave me many great opportunities to grow professionally and people were always willing to offer their time. It has been a true pleasure to be part of this graduate scheme and I am excited to learn more about the business in my subsequent rotations.”

Sarah and Nina now head off to start their second rotation, the international placement. Both will be based in Sydney; Nina in our Global Head office and Sarah in our Ramsay Australia Head Office.

While Sarah and Nina are overseas, we will be delighted to welcome graduates to the UK for their international rotation.