International Nurses Day 2024

International Nurses Day is a day to celebrate and recognise the remarkable difference nurses make to so many lives each and every day.

In celebration of International Nurses Day 2024, we hear from Nurses at Ramsay Health Care talk about their story and what inspired them to pursue a career in the nursing profession.


Laura Lawrence: My Nursing Story

Laura is a Clinical Governance Lead at Oaklands Hospital, Salford. Laura speaks about her nursing career in detail from the very start and what inspired her to persue a career in healthcare.



Why did I want to be a nurse? The truth is, I didn’t! It wasn’t a career choice that I ever considered growing up! Originally, I wanted to be a doctor, as I loved all the old hospital programmes such as St Elsewhere, Casualty, Holby City, and then later Grey’s Anatomy but alas, I was told at school that I wasn’t clever enough at science or maths so not to bother pursuing a career in medicine.

Subsequently this led me down a totally different path. I had always loved languages (I did 3 at GCSE, then 2 at A-Level), history & politics and I decided to go university to study European Studies with Modern Foreign Languages. I loved the university life, but after 12 months, I just knew deep down that this was not for me, so I did something quite impulsive (which for those who know me is not a trait usually of mine), I packed all my things up, got on the train home and announced to my mum and dad as I walked through the front door that I had left university and had read an article in the worlds best newspaper, (the Daily Fail, ahem Mail- oops!) on the train ride home and I was going to be a nurse, because it can’t be that hard, can it?

Cut to 3 years ago this month, and I joined Oaklands Hospital, and I can honestly say, I have found my niche in what I am doing now! I love it, I really do!

I have met some really caring, inspirational nurses along the way, some who I consider to be not just colleagues, but true friends, and there are a couple that still influence me to this day who I admire, respect, and look up to.

So, although I never wanted to be a nurse growing up, I don’t think I could ever be anything now!


Natalie Wood: My Nursing Story

Natalie is a Nurse at Oaklands Hospital, Salford. Natalie speaks to us about her journey, how she started her nursing career which she is still so passionate about 39 years on.

Its all about compassion Vocation Understanding and sympathetic nature. 39 years on my journey has been vast and varied.

I started off my journey as a beauty and body therapist and alongside obtained an international diploma in Sports health. I was working hard to build a reputation to develop my own business when mum got sick. This was the turning point of my own personal life and that of my family.

As I followed mum through various appointments scans bloods surgeries and admissions, I realised I wanted, and needed to care.

I signed up immediately for old fashioned nursing, looking after every aspect of patient care, Children, Adults, Mental health, Community, Obstetrics and good old geriatrics as it was known then.

During my training I fell pregnant with my daughter and took just 6 weeks off before and had 12 weeks off post-natal and got straight back into ending training. Good old Dad supported me throughout and was always there to support me.

I qualified and sadly mum passed away when I'd just qualified.

My Passion grew, I knew I wanted to provide a high level of nursing care. And deliver care which I had observed lacking by some carers during my mum's journey. I wanted to talk and listen, understand and appreciate patients’ worries and anxieties

Now I have been privileged to work with some amazing teams, travelled the world in Commercial roles and sit with families during end-of-life care to deliver the care that ignited my passion

My goodness we worked hard, blood sweat and tears, but still managed to party hard on a Thursday night returning straight to work from the Drs mess or the local pub. Had a great breakfast from the auxiliaries, a pile of toast and off we went again

I'd never change one second.


Julia Cavanagh: My Nursing Story 

Julia is a Ward Manager at Duchy Hospital in Cornwall. Julia shares some words around what she loves most about being in the nursing profession and her most memorable moments/achievements during her career.

On the ward at Duchy we have several outstanding nurses. As a group we wanted to say that we still regard Nursing as a vocation, we strive for the best for our patients and we have the motto; “we can do this even when the going gets tough.”

Which it did during COVID when part of the team was deployed to other hospitals, it only made us stronger!!!

In the profession, every day we say is a school day. You always learn something new no matter how long you have been nursing and the appreciation from a frightened patient who you discharge 3 days later after surgery is the best buzz in the world and you never tire of that feeling.

A memorable moment during  my time at Duchy was receiving my GOLD customer service award for recognition from Plymouth University.

Also, receiving my unsung hero nomination from my team during the COVID pandemic.

The emotional demands of the job can be tough, you are always trying to keep a happy balance on the ward. I get to know my staff and take an interest in them, which I think definitely helps and makes for a happy team which is always easier to manage.

I take time every day at work to leave my desk and walk around the grounds of the hospital as this helps to clear my head and then the problems never seem as bad when I get back.


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