Ramsay Health Care commits to Net Zero by 2040

One of the world’s leading healthcare providers, Ramsay Health Care, has committed to achieving Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions across its value chain by the year 2040.

Ramsay has committed to science-based emission reduction targets which are consistent with the Paris Agreement on limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels.

Ramsay Health Care Managing Director & CEO Craig McNally said the group-wide Net Zero commitment was a key part of Ramsay’s sustainability strategy.

“Caring for our planet and being environmentally sustainable is important to our people, our patients, our doctors and our business success,” Mr McNally said.

“We know that a healthy planet is essential for healthy communities and moving towards Net Zero ensures that Ramsay remains true to our purpose of ‘people caring for people’.”

Ramsay’s Net Zero strategies included switching to renewable energy sources and maximising energy efficiency, reducing anaesthetic gas emissions, cutting waste and boosting recycling, embedding sustainable design in new facilities and upgrades, as well as engaging with suppliers to reduce supply chain emissions.

Ramsay’s global Chief Medical Officer Professor Sir Edward Byrne said climate change and healthcare were inextricably linked.

“Doctors and healthcare professionals are already dealing with the serious health effects of climate change,” Prof. Byrne said. “Global warming is exacerbating a wide range of illnesses, diseases and chronic health conditions, not to mention the impact on our mental health.

“I hope Ramsay’s action inspires other healthcare providers around the world to commit to Net Zero emissions.”