Ramsay Health Care secures agreement to acquire Elysium Healthcare

13 December 2021

Global healthcare business Ramsay Health Care has reached agreement to acquire one of the UK’s leading independent mental health care providers for £775m (A$1.4bn) from private equity firm BC Partners.

The acquisition follows a lengthy due diligence process, with Ramsay Health Care (Ramsay) identifying strong synergies and excellent potential for cross-collaboration and growth.

Ramsay Managing Director and CEO Craig McNally said it was an exciting opportunity to expand into the UK mental health care market.

“Ramsay already operates more than 70 mental health facilities alongside our acute care operations in Australia, France and Sweden. This is an attractive and compatible opportunity for Ramsay to expand into the UK mental health market and grow our integrated patient pathways,” Mr McNally said.

“As strong partners to the NHS, Ramsay UK and Elysium are natural fit. Our shared focus on operational excellence and employing industry leading talent will support exceptional patient care across the UK’s acute and mental health sectors.”

The deal is expected to create significant value for Ramsay's shareholders, as Elysium’s strong business plan and clear strategy position it for significant growth in the next five-plus years.

Mr McNally said Elysium would operate as a new and complementary division to Ramsay’s existing UK hospital business.

“The acquisition allows us to share best practice and our global expertise in mental health care, with both businesses committed to supporting the NHS,” he said.

“Elysium already has an impressive track record and Elysium’s expert managers, clinicians, nurses and carers will continue providing outstanding services.”

Elysium CEO Joy Chamberlain said Ramsay’s ethos of ‘people caring for people’ matched Elysium’s principle of putting patients at the heart of everything it does.

“Increasing awareness and diagnosis means there is strong demand for high quality mental health care across the UK,” Mrs Chamberlain said.

“Being part of the Ramsay group will improve our patient pathways, providing care when and where people need it most, and strengthen our partnership with the NHS. Our priority is to continue offering a range of personalised, high-quality care that’s focused on the best outcomes for each patient.”

The acquisition is expected to be finalised in early 2022.



Ramsay Health Care was founded in 1964 and listed on the ASX in 1997 [ASX:RHC].

It is now a global healthcare network employing over 80,000 people at more than 460 sites across Australia, the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

Ramsay provides quality healthcare to eight million patients per year through a network of hospitals, day surgeries, specialist clinics and primary care units. Ramsay UK operates 41 facilities and is a leading independent provider to the NHS, caring for over 200,000 patients per year with support from more than 7,000 staff and 3,000 consultants.

Ramsay has a global operating model in mental health and Ramsay UK will be well positioned to leverage this experience, position and scale to provide outstanding services within the UK.




Elysium Healthcare is a leading independent mental health care business in the UK, established in 2016 with 22 facilities.

Since 2016, Elysium has grown from 22-sites and 900 beds to 72 sites with around 2,000 beds and 6,000 employees across England and Wales.

Elysium provides high quality, evidence-based mental health services including behavioural, neurological, learning disability and rehabilitation treatment focused on clinical excellence and patient outcomes.




Angela Evans

Director of Communications

Ramsay Health Care UK


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