Ramsay Health Care UK now live with MAXIMS Electronic Patient Record (EPR)

Ramsay Health Care (Ramsay) and IMS MAXIMS are delighted to announce the successful roll out of the MAXIMS Electronic Patient Record (EPR) which is fully live and operational in all 35 Ramsay hospital sites.

With the introduction of a single patient management system, Ramsay is now the first independent healthcare provider in the UK to implement a system of this scale across all of its hospitals. Over 11,000 users of the system are now able to manage all aspects of the patient pathway including patient admissions and discharge, referral management and triage, scheduling and appointment correspondence, order communications, referral to treatment pathways, real-time bed management and theatre management.

The implementation approach adopted by the two organisations ensured active stakeholder engagement, with particular focus on working with staff and Consultants to ensure they were fully prepared and trained for the go live. By leveraging the skill of the multi-disciplinary teams, bringing experience from a wide variety of clinical, administration and technical settings, the project team was able to ensure that the solution was implemented in the most efficient and effective way.

The achievement marks an incredible milestone for both Ramsay and IMS MAXIMS who have worked in partnership together to successfully deliver the programme and will continue to collaborate to ensure its continued success and delivery of future functionality. The rollout forms part of Ramsay’s digital health strategy, which aims to build an integrated healthcare system to deliver advanced digital health services to its clinicians, patients and payors. The EPR now provides Ramsay with consistent outcome data which allows for benchmarking and continuous improvement to services to ensure the ongoing high quality, exceptional care provided in Ramsay.



“The dedication and hard work of the joint IMS MAXIMS and Ramsay teams has successfully taken MAXIMS EPR live across the remaining Ramsay hospitals. This completes the roll out of MAXIMS EPR across all of Ramsay’s hospitals to support them at the core of their digital journey. The simultaneous go-live of a new EPR at 21 hospitals on the same day is an unprecedented achievement.”– Jacinta Ni Suiard, Chief Product and Delivery Officer at IMS MAXIMS

“The success of this project was based on how closely the Ramsay and IMS MAXIMS teams worked together. The dedication, professionalism and quality of work delivered by both teams was impressive. Ramsay is a great organisation to work with, with an exceptional team.”– Paul Matthews, Senior Mobilisation Manager at IMS MAXIMS

“The introduction of MAXIMS EPR into the organisation has transformed the way in which operate and provide our services. Bringing all parts of the patient record into one place and providing a consistent approach to how we carry out processes means we are able to ensure we are constantly providing the highest quality of care to our patients. This has been a monumental achievement for the UK team working alongside our colleagues in IMS MAXIMS and sets the bar for our digital health journey.” – Nick Costa, Chief Executive Officer at Ramsay Health Care UK

“The success of this project is underpinned by the strength of the partnership between our two organisations. We overcame challenges together and the diligence of our teams in the project implementation and change management programme ensured we were able to bring our users on the journey with us. The adaptability and flexibility of the IMS MAXIMS team to respond to our needs and their desire to always find a resolution was a critical factor in the success of the system and its deployment across our organisation.” – Rebecca Granger, I-Care Programme Manager at Ramsay Health Care UK


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