Ramsay Health Care UK's response to COVID-19

Ramsay Health Care UK has played a key role in providing healthcare services to local communities over the last 12 months in partnership with the NHS. Today marks the last day of the national contract between the NHS and the independent sector, but we will continue to stand together with our colleagues in the NHS to support tackling the growing waiting lists and ensure ongoing access to healthcare for patients moving forward. 

With the support of our teams and consultants, Ramsay Health Care UK has provided an outstanding response to COVID-19 working alongside our colleagues in the NHS. 

  • Ramsay has cared for over 650,000 NHS patients for outpatient appointments, diagnostics and surgery including urgent services such as cancer, trauma and acute care
  • Over 16,000 patient cancer treatments were undertaken in Ramsay, both for critically required cancer surgery including breast and colorectal surgery, and for chemotherapy treatment maintaining the patient pathway and ongoing provision of vitally needed services. 
  • Over 20 NHS services hosted within our facilities
  • Over 50,000 MRI and CT scans delivered by Ramsay to the NHS
  • Ramsay hospitals supported local communities with PPE training and care home swabbing
  • Over 900 Doctors have worked with Ramsay to deliver services under emergency practising privileges, which included over 500 Junior Doctors
  • Over 500 items of equipment, ventilators and PPE provided to NHS Trusts
  • 25 IT connections made between Ramsay and NHS Trust systems
  • 13 new diagnostic imaging modalities (MRI / CT / 3D Mammography) purchased to support the NHS