Ramsay Launches Sustainability Targets

Ramsay Health Care has announced more than 20 ambitious targets to drive its sustainability programme.

Launching the global Ramsay Cares targets, Ramsay Health Care Managing Director & CEO Craig McNally said the new goals would underpin the company’s long-term commitment to the wellbeing of people, communities and the planet.

“There is no escaping that, in environmental terms, the health sector has a large carbon footprint because of its energy use and medical waste. But that also makes us a key part of the solution,” Mr McNally said.

“Ramsay already has numerous sustainability projects underway, including a solar rollout, cutting single-use plastic and training our people in mental health support. This strategy will ensure we keep our eyes on the horizon.”

Ramsay UK's CEO Andy Jones said it is important for the health sector to lead by example in its commitments to making meaningful positive changes for a healthier community.

“Ramsay has always played a critical role in the communities where our hospitals are located” he said.

“The opportunity to make a positive impact on people, the environment, and our communities is a passion shared by the entire Ramsay UK Team”.

“We must now think more critically about sustainability, now is the time for change”.

Mr McNally said the Ramsay Cares targets were purposefully broad.

“The targets include greening our hospital theatres and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, to boosting workforce diversity and mental health support,” he said.

“We’ve taken a broad approach because the health and wellbeing of our people, patients and communities is intrinsically linked to sustainability.

“Committing to social and environmental sustainability, and holding ourselves accountable, makes sense for our business and the world we live in.”

The Ramsay Cares strategy focuses on three pillars: Caring for our people, Caring for our planet and Caring for our communities.

It has been released alongside Ramsay’s 2021 Global Impact Report, which demonstrates the company’s sustainability commitment in action across its facilities in Australia, the UK, Europe and Asia.

Find out more here: ramsayhealth.com/RamsayCares.



Founded by businessman and philanthropist Paul Ramsay AO in 1964, Ramsay Health Care operates facilities in more than 460 locations in Australia, the UK, Europe and Asia. Ramsay operates a network of private hospitals, day surgeries, clinics and retail pharmacies employing over 80,000 people globally and providing world class health care to millions of patients each year. Ramsay is founded on the principle of ‘people caring for people’ – we call it The Ramsay Way.