Ramsay's support to the NHS throughout COVID-19

12th January 2021 

Since March 2020, we have been working together with NHS Trusts across the country to deliver urgent care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unprecedented strain has been placed on the health service, but the priority still remains the same, to ensure that patients can access the care they need. We are incredibly proud of our teams who have shown great teamwork, resilience and positivity in these uncertain and challenging times, whilst supporting the NHS and demonstrating our core value of #PeopleCaringForPeople.

Ramsay has treated the highest volumes of NHS patients in the independent sector throughout the pandemic. The overall contribution provided by Ramsay teams includes:

  • Ramsay has looked after over 500,000 NHS patients for outpatient appointments, diagnostics and surgery including urgent services such as cancer, trauma and acute care
  • Over 11,000 patients received treatment for cancer in Ramsay
  • Over 50,000 MRI and CT scans delivered by Ramsay to the NHS
  • Ramsay hospital teams supported local communities with PPE training and care home swabbing
  • Over 900 Doctors have worked with Ramsay to deliver services under emergency practising privileges
  • 210 Ramsay team members supporting NHS teams in local Trusts
  • Over 500 items of equipment, ventilators and PPE provided to NHS Trusts