Berkshire Independent Hospital offers a revolutionary new minimally invasive robotic treatment for private and NHS patients with a benign enlarged prostate

The Berkshire Independent Hospital in Reading, part of Ramsay Health Care is delighted to announce the introduction of a new treatment for men suffering from an enlarged prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), robotic Aquablation.

It is estimated that 3 million men in the UK have lower urinary tract symptoms associated with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Around 35,000 men in the U.K .will require surgical intervention for this condition. Historically, the procedures available for the treatment of this condition, whilst providing effective symptom relief, do have recognised complications, such as incontinence, erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction.

Aquablation therapy is an advanced, minimally invasive treatment that uses the power of water, delivered with robotic precision, to provide best-in-class and long-lasting symptom relief, with low rates of irreversible complications, regardless of prostate size or shape. As it is unique and bespoke based on each patient’s anatomy, the procedure precisely removes prostate tissue and as such preserves key anatomy for long-term quality of life. Patients benefit from faster treatment and a quicker recovery to normal activity.

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) published a Medical technology innovation briefing in January this year, noting that when compared to the traditional procedures, aquablation offers additional benefits including an increased ability to preserve sexual function and the potential for the procedure to be undertaken as a day-case

The Berkshire Independent Hospital in partnership with our Consultant Urologists Mr Chris Blick and Mr Philip Charlesworth have successfully treated over 50 patients in the last year with excellent outcomes.


One patient that was recently treated said:

“I started seeing a Consultant Urologist in March 2022 for an enlarged prostate and I was recommended to undergo the HoLEP procedure. I did my research and was not happy to proceed due to the side effects, which I found somewhat emasculating. I am a retired Fire Fighter for the Berkshire Brigade and consider myself a very fit and active man. I then struggled for 8 months with a catheter and recurrent UTI’s which greatly affected my quality of life. I work in America regularly and was aware of Aquablation, a new pioneering surgery being offered there. At my next appointment with the Consultant Urologist in January 2023, I asked about this procedure and was advised that Aquablation was being conducted in Reading. I was extremely lucky to be one of the first patients to undergo this treatment at The Berkshire Independent Hospital. It has completely transformed every aspect of my life. I am able to do all the things I previously enjoyed without having to worry. My experience has been fantastic and I cannot recommend this procedure enough for men with enlarged prostate.”


Robert Rea

“Aquablation is an exciting and promising treatment for patients with enlarged prostates. Although it has been available in the US for 5 years, it is a relatively new option for patients in the UK. Unlike many other prostate operations, aquablation can treat a wide range of prostate sizes whilst preserving sexual function and continence.” Mr Chris Blick – Consultant Urologist

“It has been fantastic to be able to introduce this novel robotic surgical treatment for benign prostate problems in Berkshire. We have been able to treat over 50 men so far, with excellent and reliable outcomes, relieving their prostatic obstruction, regardless of prostate size. Most of these patients have been NHS patients who would otherwise have still been on a long NHS waiting list, many of whom had catheters in pre-operatively. It has been very satisfying to help this cohort of NHS patients. We are looking forward to expanding access to this great treatment to other neighbouring NHS institutions with long waiting lists and for any other men with prostate / bladder outflow symptoms.”


Mr Philip Charlesworth – Consultant Urologist

Elaine Long, Hospital Director at The Berkshire Independent Hospital said, “We are proud to be able to offer this new minimally invasive robotic surgery to our patients. Supporting our local community for their healthcare requirements is of absolute importance to us, as recognised in our company ethos of “people caring for people”.

The Berkshire Independent Hospital is a local private hospital provides a range of services for private, insured and NHS patients within the local community and further afield.

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