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Caring for our Planet

Our philosophy of ‘people caring for people’ is at the centre of everything we do. We are committed to making a meaningful, positive difference in the world - for current and future generations. Ramsay Cares is our approach to sustainability. It’s a program with three key pillars: healthier people, stronger communities and a thriving planet.

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Our Planet

We recognise that protecting the environment for future generations is critical. "Without a healthy planet, we cannot have healthy people."

Energy and water

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We are focused on energy and water efficiency measures and identifying opportunities to introduce more renewable energy in our operations and new developments.

Climate change action and reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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We are undertaking a comprehensive review of climate risk to enable effective action on climate change and to take advantage of opportunities to support a transition to the low carbon economy.

Waste and recycling

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We are seeking to improve recycling and to identify more opportunities to reduce single-use plastics where it is safe to.

Our Targets

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  • Maintain recycling rates and identify single-use plastic and waste reduction opportunities
  • Identify new water saving opportunities
  • Achieve a 10% reduction in energy intensity by 2026*
  • Achieve a 12% reduction in greenhouse gas emission intensity by 2026*
  • Install 6.3MW renewable energy projects by 2026*
  • Undertake a comprehensive review of climate risk across our regions

Local Initiatives

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  • Winfield Hospital - planting 210 plants on the grounds of the hospital. Read more here.
  • Pinehill Hospital - the Physio team and other passionate individuals have been the heartbeat and driving force of Pinehill Hospital’s green initiatives. Read more here.
  • Tees Valley Hospital - the Ramsay Cares Green Team has been formed with initiatives already in place such as; bee friendly trees, insect houses, hedgehog watering bowls and a solar-powered pond.
  • Duchy Hospital - the Ramsay Cares Green Team has been formed with initiatives already in place. The team have pledged to recycle, prevent pollution and slow climate change! To encourage family and friends to follow the 3 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and to conserve energy and water to help protect the environment for a better planet earth! Read more here.

UN Sustainable Development Goals:

responsible consumption and productionclimate action

*Targets related to 100% owned entities only

Caring for our...

A Shared Commitment

Collaboration is key to making real change. We value the strong relationships we have and seek to work together on delivering more sustainable outcomes. We are committed to supporting the United Nations Global Compact and 40:40 Vision to ensure we are well-positioned to achieve our goals for sustainability.

UN Global Compact

Since 2021, Ramsay Health Care has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

40:40 Vision

40:40 Vision is an investor-led initiative to achieve gender balance in the executive leadership across Australia’s largest listed companies.

40:40 Vision seeks to achieve gender balance – 40 per cent women, 40 per cent men and 20 per cent any gender – across the senior leadership of all ASX200 companies by 2030.

Ramsay Health Care has joined to reflect our commitment to gender equality.

Sustainable Development Goals

Ramsay Health Care supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which aim to promote peace and prosperity, while protecting our planet into the future.

The 17 goals are a call to action to achieve economic growth and address a range of social issues to end poverty. These include education, health, social protection and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.

We are committed to driving action on the relevant goals which underpin our Ramsay Cares approach.

Your Next Steps...

Colleen Harris

Globally, Ramsay Health Care is a significant employer of women and we have long been committed to having strong female representation at all levels of the organisation.

Ramsay is determined to provide a caring and inclusive culture where staff can develop and feel empowered. By supporting 40:40 Vision, we hope to encourage other ASX200 companies to achieve gender equality, just as we have.

Group Chief People Officer
Ramsay Health Care

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