Skinny Jeans can Create Back and Posture Problems

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According to new research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) skinny jeans are a leading clothing culprit of back or neck pain and poor posture¹.

Many are unaware that fashion clothing can affect their back and neck health. However, the BCA also found that over a quarter (28%) of women are aware that their clothing choices can cause back or neck pain and posture problems but they chose their clothes irrespective of this knowledge.


So how do skinny jeans affect your back?

It’s not surprising that many aren’t aware that skinny jeans can impact their back health. The reason skinny jeans may create back, neck and posture problems is that they can restrict your movement. As you can’t move freely, especially at the hips and knees, this can cause you to walk differently. Wearing skinny jeans can also affect how you hold the rest of your body.


Other fashion culprits

Less surprisingly, wearing oversized bags and bags that sit on one side of your body can lead to back, neck and problems. Oversized bags are often crammed full of many items that make them heavy and awkward to carry. 

Coats with large fluffy hoods can have a hidden impact on your health as they may cause you to strain your neck as you try to look out and see your nearby surroundings such as oncoming traffic.

High heeled shoes and backless shoes such as fashionable mules increase the strain put on your legs and lower back.

Fashion statement heavy necklaces also increase pressure on your neck and can affect your posture and how you hold yourself.


Tips for a healthy neck and back whilst staying fashionable

We want to look and feel good and make clothing choices that are attractive to help achieve this. The best advice is that if you want to wear clothing and shoes that may impact on your back, neck and posture health, then do so in moderation and limit the times you wear them each week.

Wear baggy clothes as much as possible as these don’t restrict your movement and are best for a healthy back and posture.

You should try to wear a variety of clothing styles so that your movement is not constrained.

With shoes, variety is also good practice. If you choose to wear stilettos, then also wear trainers or flat shoes as well. Wedge shoes and chunky heels are preferable to stilettos.

Use backpacks whenever possible as they keep the weight of your bag evenly distributed across your shoulders. It’s also good practise to review the contents of your bag and only carry necessary items rather than a cluttered bag full of unnecessary items. If you use a one-strapped bag, try to alternate your arm carrying the bag.

Ensure you wear well fitted bras to help support your breasts properly and prevent strain on your shoulders. It’s advisable to seek a bra fitting service to ensure you have the best fitting bra for your breasts.




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