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After the indulgences of Christmas and the festive season, January is often a month of repentance, whether that’s to start exercising or eating more healthily or to take part in Dry January and have a break from alcohol.

7 ways to manage stress

Most of us are exposed to stress at one time or another in our lives, whether from work, family, or other responsibilities and circumstances. A little stress can often be beneficial, but when we’re put under too much pressure it has the potential to quickly become a problem.


If those home offices aren’t set up properly however, with the right furniture and support, a lot of people will find that their setup is actually causing them some discomfort and pain

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Looking after our own mental health is just as important as being available to help others, and it’s good practice to learn how to spot you might be struggling or heading for more serious problems.

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Here are some more accessible and fun ways to exercise and burn calories at home.