Top Tips for Reducing the Symptoms of Hay Fever

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Dr Bhupinder Sihra, Allergy Consultant gives us his top 10 tips to help reduce the symptoms of hay fever:

1. Organise / order and start taking your medication/prescriptions at least 2 weeks before you expect your symptoms to start.

2. Keep your eye on the weather and pollen count.

3. Know your pollen/hay fever months and prepare for them.

4. Avoid outside exposure in the early morning from around 7.30am and again in the evening around 6pm as pollen rises in the morning and falls back down in the evening, known as a pollen shower.

5. If you have air conditioning in your car make sure you change the pollen filter yearly.

6. Do not hang your washing outside during high pollen counts.

7. Change your outside clothes to your inside clothes as soon as you get in.

8. Wash your hair every day, preferably in the evening after exposure to pollen.

9. If possible, sleep with windows closed.

10. Ask someone to cut your grass for you.  If this is not possible then take anti-histamine at least 30 mins prior to cutting grass and wear a protective face mask or smear Vaseline around your nostrils.

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