Back Pain Myth Busters

Estimated Reading Time: 1 minutes

Myth 1: Moving will make my back pain worse

Fact: People fear twisting and bending buts it’s essential to keep moving. Gradually increase how much you are doing and stay on the go.


Myth 2: I should avoid exercise, especially weight training

Fact: Back pain shouldn’t stop you enjoying exercise or regular activities. In fact studies found that continuing with these can help you get better sooner - including using weights where appropriate.


Myth 3: A scan will show me exactly what is wrong

Fact: Sometimes it will, but most often it won’t. Also, even people without back pain have changes to their spine so can cause fear that influences behaviour, making the problem worse.


Myth 4: Pain equals damage

Fact: This was the established view but more recent research had changed our thinking. Modern physiotherapy takes a holistic approach that helps people understand why they are in pain.

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