Four Healthy Pancake Recipes - Weight Loss & Allergy friendly

Most of us look forward to Pancake Day and this year is no different. There are endless ways to eat this famous treat, with so many delicious toppings to choose from. However, if you’ve been on a health kick since the New Year, the indulgence of Pancake Day can make some of us worry we might miss out on enjoying this annual tradition. So if you are looking for a lower calorie or healthier way to enjoy your pancakes this year, we’ve got some ideas to make sure you can still take part in the event, without compromising on taste or flavour – in fact your pancakes can be a healthy, well-balanced meal!

Get Topping Savvy
One of the easiest ways to make your Shrove Tuesday slightly healthier, is to swap out some of the typical toppings for more nutritious ones. So instead of honey or chocolate spread, try some Greek yoghurt or low sugar jam with fruits of your choice. Adding Greek yoghurt will give your pancakes a protein boost, which will help fill you up for longer and keep blood sugar levels stable. If you do decide to go with the traditional lemon and sugar, have it as a pudding after a balanced meal, so you don’t start a sugar rollercoaster.
Another option is adding some savoury toppings instead of sweet - this works well for evening meal pancakes! Foods that tend to work well include cheddar cheese as this will melt well, with some veggies and some protein. This type of recipe would be similar to an omelette, so anything you would normally have with eggs will work well.
Please note that the traditional pancake recipe we all know consisting of eggs, flour, milk and butter is not inherently ‘unhealthy’ or ‘bad’, as what matters most is the portion size and frequency in which we eat all foods - the recipes below are simple to share options for variety, adding nutrients as well as allergy-friendly ways to enjoy Shrove Tuesday. 

Greek Yoghurt Pancakes


✔️ 2 eggs

✔️ 40g flour - you can use blended oats too

✔️ 100g Greek Yoghurt

Extras:1 - 2 tsp of Stevia, Cinnamon, Xylitol or Vanilla

Spay Oil for cooking


1️⃣ Add the eggs, flour, Greek yoghurt and extra flavours (I used 1 tsp of vanilla & 2 tsp of sweetener) to a bowl

2️⃣ Whisk until light and fluffy - I used an electric whisk!

3️⃣ Heat your pan on a medium heat, with your oil, and pour in small amounts of the mixture.⁣

4️⃣ Cook each pancake for 2-3 minutes before flipping with a spatula and placing on a plate once cooked - repeat until you have none of the mixture left

5️⃣ Stack your pancakes in a pile (my choice) and top with your favourite toppings! I chose yoghurt and fruit.

Two Ingredient Pancakes


✔️ 2 whole eggs

✔️ 1 medium-large banana

PLUS Spay Oil for cooking and optional toppings!


1️⃣ Slice the banana into a bowl and mash with a fork, potato masher or a hand blender (the easiest!)⁣

2️⃣ Add the eggs and mash into the banana until you have a smooth 'batter'⁣

3️⃣ Heat some oil in a non-stick pan (I used coconut oil in a small, flat pan which meant the mixture didn't stick or spread out too much!) and pour a small amount of the mixture in, to create your pancake shape!

4️⃣ Cook on a low-medium heat (I used heat 4 out of 9) until you are able to flip it (with a spatula) and cook on the other side (this takes a few minutes)⁣

5️⃣ Repeat for the rest of the mixture and serve the entire batch with your chosen topping before enjoying!⁣

Naturally High Protein Pancakes


✔️ 50g oats

✔️ 100g cottage cheese (or Quark or Greek syle yoghurt)

✔️ 2 eggs

✔️ 1 teaspoon cinnamon

✔️ 50g blueberries⁣

Spray oil, or 1 tsp olive oil for frying


1️⃣ Add the oats, cottage cheese/quark/yoghurt, eggs and cinnamon to a bowl and using a hand blender mix all of the ingredients together (this can also be done in a food processor), then add the blueberries and stir through.⁣

2️⃣ Spray a non-stick pan with a little oil and pour in the mixture ~ 1 to 2 tbsp at a time⁣

3️⃣ Cook for 1-2 minutes on one side on a medium-high heat⁣

4️⃣ Flip and cook on the other side for another 2 minutes⁣

5️⃣ Serve with toppings of your choice, and enjoy!⁣

Dairy & Egg free (Vegan) Pancakes


✔️ 100g plain flour

✔️ 2 tbsp oil (+ extra for cooking)

✔️ 300ml oat/almond milk

Optional: 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, Fruit/reduced sugar jam to serve 


1️⃣ Sieve the flour into a bowl before whisking in the milk and adding the oil until combined⁣⁣⁣

2️⃣ Spray a non-stick small pan with a little oil and when hot, add a third of a ladle of batter into the centre then tip the pan round until there is a circle all around the pan⁣

3️⃣ After around 3 minutes flip it over - don't be tempted to flip too soon or it may break apart & you won't get a nice golden colour⁣⁣⁣

4️⃣ Cook for a further 2 mins on the other side, remove from pan, fold or roll & serve⁣⁣⁣ 

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