Steps to take before opting for a gastric balloon

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1.Try to lose weight beforehand

Before considering a gastric balloon you should try to lose weight by dieting and exercise. Your bariatric surgeon will ask about your past attempts at weight loss. By following a healthy eating and exercise plan you’ll make sure you’re in the best health possible for your gastric balloon procedure.

2. Committed to a new healthy lifestyle

Being motivated with a determined attitude to following anew eating and exercise programme will help you achieve the best results. A gastric balloon is just the start of your weight loss journey. You’ll need to be dedicated to a lifelong healthy routine to reach and maintain your weight loss goals.

3.Research if a gastric balloon is your best weight loss option

Consider all your weight loss options. There’s lots of information about weight loss procedures online. When you’re ready, it’s best to see a bariatric surgeon to discuss the best option of weight loss for you and your eligibility for gastric balloon insertion.

4. Understand the benefits and limitations of a gastric balloon

gastric balloon is a temporary “tool” to help control hunger and portion size. Weight loss with a gastric balloon can be less and slower than the surgical weight loss options and when it’s removed patients sometimes gain weight. Insertion of the gastric balloon is performed in 15 minutes under a mild sedative so it carries fewer risks and is less expensive than invasive weight loss surgeries.


5. Private or NHS

You could be eligible for a gastric balloon on the NHS although limited funding, very strict criteria and assessment can result in along wait. A gastric balloon can be performed privately without waiting. Research the finance options available. Some clinics offer 0% APR finance for weight loss procedures. Don’t be tempted by the cheapest gastric balloon providers as they may not offer the best quality care for you.

6. Choose a qualified and experienced surgeon

Your weight loss surgeon should be on the GMT register, hold a CCT/CCST (Certificate of Completion of Training/Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training) and a Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS).They will most likely have been trained in upper gastrointestinal too. Find out your surgeon’s outcomes in terms of expected weight loss and complication rates.

7. Explore your clinic options

Start comparing local clinics that offer gastric balloons. Visit your preferred clinics before making your choice. Often clinics offer a free of charge consultation or informal open evenings where you can find out about the clinic, your weight loss treatment options and meet some of the team.


8. Support

Support makes a real difference to your end goal. Your support network may include your family, friends, your partner or a new support group for weight loss patients who share similar goals. Ensure you’re supported in your decision to have a gastric balloon and throughout your weight loss journey.

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