The Honest Insights and Advice of Two Ramsay Bariatric Patients

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Bariatric surgery can be life-changing, and in this article we share the journeys and insights of two of the patients from our Oaklands hospital who have undergone sleeve gastrectomies within the last two years. 


What made you decide to go for bariatric surgery?

Patient A - As I was approaching my 46th birthday, I realized my health was declining rapidly. I knew that if I wanted a chance at a long and healthy life, I needed to take drastic action. Fad diets and general dieting had never worked for me. So, I considered bariatric surgery and decided on a sleeve gastrectomy. Now, 20 months later, I can confidently say it was the best decision for my wife and me. I genuinely believe we can now grow old and healthy together.

Patient B - I decided to have bariatric surgery after consistently gaining weight throughout my thirties. Before that, I had never been particularly heavy, but between ages 30 and 40, I gained about seven stone. I would lose a stone only to gain it back, which left me increasingly disheartened. After a bad breakup, I finally decided to go through with the surgery.


Which surgery did you pick and how much weight have you lost in what time frame?

Patient A -  I had a sleeve gastrectomy. At my maximum weight I was 28 and a half stone, and by nine months post surgery I was 13 and a half stone - a total loss of 15 stone!

Patient B - I went for the sleeve gastrectomy and have lost 100 pounds (just over 7 stone).


How have your eating habits changed since before surgery?

Patient A - Before my sleeve gastrectomy, I consumed too many calories from poor food choices. Now, after the surgery, I eat quite healthily. I still allow myself a treat if I want one, but most of the time, I enjoy wonderful, healthy foods. 

Patient B - My eating habits have changed a lot, I eat little and often and feel satisfied very quickly.


What are your activity levels like now, and how have they changed?

Patient A - Before my sleeve gastrectomy, I thought I was quite active for my size, but in reality, I probably wasn't. Now, I walk 10, 15, 20, and sometimes even 25,000 steps a day. I'm awake longer, I don't feel as tired, and I can do so much more.

Patient B - I have so much more energy, and enjoy sports more, including swimming and walking.


What have been the positive impacts on your life following weight loss surgery?

Patient A - The benefits are endless, from my increased energy to the genuine lifestyle changes I've made. Now, I truly live my life, whereas before, I was merely existing. I feel completely different. I'm now totally medication-free, with the ultimate goal of living a longer, healthier, medication-free life.Patient B - The positive impact is unbelievable, I feel like a girl in my twenties again! So much life, I want to go places and meet people, instead of hiding away. It's been such a game changer for my mental health too. I didn't think I was down before I had the surgery, but when I look back I wasn't really living, I was just existing.


Have there been any negative aspects to your recovery?

Patient A - I wouldn't say there have been any negative aspects, just changes. The early stages after surgery were a bit difficult, but that was mostly about adjusting my mindset to the new, quite drastic changes. However, once you get through the first couple of months, it becomes much easier and is pretty much plain sailing.

Patient B - For me, absolutely none! Just wish I had done it years ago!


Would you recommend weight loss surgery to others, and have you any top tips to share?

Patient A - I would absolutely recommend weight loss surgery for anyone with severe weight problems like I had. Consider looking into bariatric surgery in the UK. My tips are to research thoroughly, increase your activity levels, and eat healthily and sensibly.

I couldn't have achieved what I have today without the support of the entire bariatric team, both before and after surgery. The great thing is, they still have an open-door policy if I need them in the future. Thanks again for helping me change my life.

Patient B - Yes and I have! My tips are not to read too much on the forums and internet, have your surgery in the UK and just go for it!!


A huge thank you to the two patients who gave us their time to answer our questions.

Nichola Ludlam-Raine, UK Registered Dietitian
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Nichola Ludlam-Raine, UK Registered Dietitian

Nichola is a UK Registered Dietitian with over 15 years of experience working for both the NHS as well as privately. Clinically she specialises in weight loss and bariatrics, and Nichola has recently won Media Spokesperson of the year for the British Dietetic Association for her work on TV and in the tabloids. She is the author of her debut book How Not to Eat Ultra-Processed which is due to be published in July and creates online content via @nicsnutrition and @mummynutrition.

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