Tweaking Christmas Traditions

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Following a weight loss surgery, Christmas, and most other celebrations, will feel different, and this is mainly do to the changing dynamics when it comes to food and drink. What you mustn’t forget though, is the real reason for the celebration; the people and the messages behind the day. So whilst you won’t be able to consume as much delicious food and drink as you once previously did, you can still join in with most of the festive traditions, just in your own unique way!

Carry on reading for the top six suggestions on how to tackle the most common foodie based Christmas traditions, and even create your own following a weight loss surgery.


Tweaking old traditions

Mini Mince Pies

Did you know that the averaged sized mince pie comes in at over 200 calories? This year, why not opt for mini mince pies which come in at less than half of this (around 80 calories). Your stomach capacity is severely restricted following a weight loss surgery, meaning the mini mince pies will fill you up just as much as the averaged sized ones did before hand!


Tender Turkey

Eating dry or tough meats can be problematic after a weight loss surgery, which is why you want to ensure that the meat that you do eat is as tender and as soft as possible. Follow the advice of well-respected chefs online when it comes to cooking your turkey and if in doubt remove the skin and soak your turkey in gravy before eating (remembering to chew each small mouthful twenty times before swallowing to prevent food ‘getting stuck’).


Cheesy Board Games

It’s not uncommon for a cheese board to come out in the evening on Christmas Day, but instead of making this the focal point of the table, why not swap it for a board game! Yes you can still enjoy a few cheese and crackers (and grapes and celery too!) served on a little plate, but keep the cheese board in the kitchen and play a fun board game in the dining room or lounge instead. The idea behind this, is that if people want seconds, then they know where the food is, but will have to break away to get it. This encourages more mindful eating.


Making new traditions

Nutritious Breakfast

Regular meals are essential following a weight loss surgery to help you to feel energised and to allow you to consume the nutrients that you need. Start the day the right way with a festive breakfast to keep you feeling full until lunch. You could try porridge with walnuts and cinnamon, pancakes with yoghurt and strawberries or even poached egg with smoked salmon on toast.


A Family Walk

Going for a walk, all wrapped up, may be just the thing you need to feel refreshed. Suggest to your family that for those who want to join in, you’ll be going for either a morning or afternoon walk to make the most of the day. In addition to helping with digestion, a walk will also help to burn off a few of those extra calories eaten! It’s a win win.


Snacking on Satsumas

Instead of keeping a bowl of chocolates on the coffee table keep some satsumas on there! Satsumas are not only healthier than chocolate but they take much longer to eat and are much less likely to cause dumping syndrome (which has the potential to ruin any family occasion!).

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