How to Choose a Gynaecologist

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Whether you’re looking to diagnose a specific problem, or want to find a reliable consultant for regular check-ups, choosing the right gynaecologist is an important consideration. There are factors such as the convenience of a nearby surgery, as well as consultants with specialist knowledge or areas of expertise, and of course someone you feel comfortable and at ease with

Choosing private healthcare for your gynaecology can also help to give you more choice and convenience, both in finding a gynaecologist nearby, and someone you feel comfortable with.


Private Gynaecology and Women’s Health

From sexual health to pregnancy, childbirth and menopause, there are many life stages and general health concerns that need a reliable and experienced consultant gynaecologist.

You should choose your gynaecologist based on your specific needs, as well as choosing a practice that’s near and convenient for regular check-ups. Many consultants also specialise in certain gynaecological health areas, so if you have any ongoing or chronic problems, you may want to choose someone with specialist experience in that area.


When should I see a gynaecologist?

Normally you should arrange for an annual check-up with your gynaecologist, which helps to ensure any potential health problems are picked up, and your general health can be monitored. For any other types of problem, such as vaginal pain or discharge, or pain in the pelvic area, you should make an appointment to see your gynaecologist as soon as possible.

Gynaecologists treat women of all ages and through different life stages, and it’s usual to make a first visit at around 13 to 15.


What does a gynaecologist visit cost?

It’s possible to be referred to a gynaecologist on the NHS once you’ve spoke to your GP, or you can choose to visit a private consultant. The cost of a visit will depend on your choice of hospital and your health insurance plan. You can find out by checking with your provider or requesting the price when you make your appointment.


Private gynaecologist near me

If you’d like to find private gynaecology services near your location, you can find your nearest Ramsay hospital, or feel free to get in touch and we can help you make an appointment or with any further enquiries.

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