EPR Clinical Lead Interview Tommi Capstick

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What made you decide to become an (Electronic Patient Record) EPR Clinical Lead?

I really enjoyed my previous job but when I saw the post advertised I was interested in trying something new and different. I have always been keen to deliver the best healthcare to patients as a physio and as a head of department, the EPR Clinical Lead post offered the opportunity to positively influence this on a much bigger scale.


What attracted you to apply for your role?

I liked the fact it was a secondment as this allowed me to try something new and I could rest assured that I had a job to go back to. Upon returning to a site I would be a subject matter expert to enhance the teams’ ability to use the system. I also felt I could offer a lot in leading others to make such a positive (if a little daunting) change in the way they and their departments/hospitals work.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love speaking to the teams and getting out to sites across the group. It is incredible how many great people we have in Ramsay doing a fantastic job for their patients. Where I am able to, helping them work smarter and safer gives me a great feeling.


Tell us about a typical day in your job as a Clinical Lead?

Normally, about 2/3 of the time I work from home. The role is quite varied and can include:


  • Speaking to clinicians at sites on what they are doing, what is working, what are their challenges and issues and what they like about the system.
  • Advising the clinical teams on the safest and most efficient ways to use the system.
  • Speaking with other members of the project team to advise them on how clinical processes work and why we do what we do.
  • Giving feedback to the project team and the Software Developer on how the system can be improved.
  • Testing new functions within the system.
  • Designing reports (given to programmers to build) to help make clinical teams’ work easier, faster and safer.

I regularly visit sites and speak to the clinicians in more detail and observe their processes to give me that little bit extra information. It also helps to get to know them better so they feel happier to email/call me if they need to.

I also attend national clinical working group meetings in order to update them on the project and glean any developments that may have an impact on the use of the EPR system.


For someone thinking of taking on a role as an EPR Tranche Clinical Lead what advice do you have?

Don’t worry if you are not naturally a gadget seeker. That only helps but it is not what this role is about. The role is really about transforming the way we do things as a group of hospitals. We are aligning the sites in a national standard of best practice and using technology to enable that change to happen. Those who have helped drive through changes in their departments and hospitals will find they have useful experience to fall back on when needed. 


What do you enjoy the most about your role?

The people I work with are fantastic and do such a great job. We have very lucky patients! I also think the support Ramsay offers for continuing professional development is excellent.


We really value our people tell us how you benefit from this culture in your work life balance with your role?

Whilst there are busy times as with any project, and I do have to stay away from home, the hospital teams you meet really help you to feel welcome. I find that the trips away balance nicely with the time at home so I can walk with the family to school in the mornings or go for some exercise. There are busy times, particularly when a tranche of hospitals go live with the new system but there is time to recover from these.

For more information or to have a quick chat, please feel free to contact Tommi Capstick on 07469854293 or email at Tommi.Capstick@Ramsayhealth.co.uk

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