Geoff Templeton, Decontamination Engineer

How did you start your career in Sterile Services and how long ago was that?
I started my career as a Decontamination Engineer with Ramsay Sterile Services 18 months ago.

How does your role affect the care we provide to the patients and families within our Hospitals?
By ensuring that our site and equipment are compliant, to process the equipment used by our hospitals.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
Working as a team – we all get on so well together.

Do you hope to progress in your career either within Sterile Services or in any other role in healthcare?
Yes, I would like to.

Do you feel Ramsay supports its employees in accessing training and development opportunities to progress their careers?
Yes, very much so.

What makes your unit a special place to work, and how would you describe the culture?
Everyone is very friendly, we all help each other and we are all dedicated to doing a great job.

Are there any particularly positive moments you have experienced or individuals you have worked with that stand out to you?
Yes, Steve Howarth (now retired) was a constant source of help and had a great sense of humour.

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