Mick Almond, Lead Driver

How did you start your career in Sterile Services and how long ago was that?
Applied just to see if anything going, just in general in 2011. Was offered a job as a Sterile Services driver moving equipment between several NHS hospitals in the local area. Also delivering patient notes and prescription pads to hospitals and GP surgeries mainly in Cumbria. I came to Ramsay as a bank driver in 2015.

How does your role affect the care we provide to the patients and families within our hospitals?
Without Sterile Services drivers moving surgical equipment between hospitals and Sterile Services, the hospitals would cease to do operations in a matter of days, and this would not only affect hospital staff but patients as well. My role, as well as this, is to rota drivers so all the delivery and collections are done, and there is a suitable vehicle for them to use.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I have good team under me, around me and above me.

Do you hope to progress in your career either within Sterile Services or in any other role in healthcare?
Won't be doing anything else in healthcare, patient facing is not for me. My role is fairly limited as regards progression or promotion, so the only way forward is to improve myself and develop myself within my current role.

Do you feel Ramsay supports its employees in accessing training and development opportunities to progress their careers?
There seems to be plenty of courses and training, it is finding the right one and the time to do it.

What makes your unit a special place to work, and how would you describe the culture?
I’m the only person in the UK group who does my job, looking after so many drivers, so many vehicles, covering so many miles, going to so many hospitals, so I think that’s special. The culture is fairly diverse, with a wide range of age, experience and knowledge that is brought together to work as a team under often difficult and challenging circumstances, whilst working to strict guidelines and practices.

Are there any particularly positive moments you’ve experienced or individuals you’ve worked with that stand out to you?
First positive moment I think was when it was recognised that I had proved myself as a bank driver, and I was offered a full-time role after 12 months of starting. Main positive moment was being promoted to team leader, almost 3 years ago now. This role has grown at a rapid rate with a big increase in staff, vehicles and work. I have received help from other drivers and admin staff along the way, as well as backing and guidance from the Hub Manager, to which I'm grateful for.

Another high point was being trusted to organise the collection and distribution of PPE, beds, ventilators and other equipment across the country during the COVID Pandemic and being recognised as an Unsung Hero for this. I have done a Charity bed push around Stafford with Rowley Theatre team to raise money for Children In Need.

Being asked to, and trusted to do things as Team Leader that others would normally miss out on, is a good feeling. Dedication is a big thing, you cannot do this job if all you are thinking of is home time.

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