Wayne Austin, Administration Assistant

How did you start your career in Sterile Services and how long ago was that?
I started working for Ramsay Healthcare 10 years ago.  At the time just before I started working for the company, I was actively seeking employment, and my dad who worked for Ramsay Rivers up until two years ago, had a chat with the hub manager at the time, who was the theatre manager at Rivers previously and my dads boss. The rest is history.

How does your role affect the care we provide to the patients and families within our Hospitals?
I am responsible for resolving problems with instruments, setting up new trays & supplimentaries, and liaising with our theatre departments, to make sure the equipment they need is sent out to them in a timely manner, otherwise this affects the patients getting or not getting their procedures done.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I enjoy the variety of work within my role, and my role presents many different challenges. I also enjoy the people I work with.

Do you hope to progress in your career either within Sterile Services or in any other role in healthcare?
I do hope to progress my career in healthcare, and I’m very technically minded and brilliant on the computers (which is why the staff are always asking for my help), so I’m hoping one day to be able to work for Ramsay IT, providing support.

Do you feel Ramsay supports its employees in accessing training and development opportunities to progress their careers?
Yes, Ramsay offer a fantastic range of courses and training so there are lots of ways staff can develop their skills in a particular area.

What makes your unit a special place to work, and how would you describe the culture?
Everybody I work with here at the hub, has a laugh and a joke, and we are like close family.

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