Tees Valley - Grant Heard - Theatre Manager

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What made you decide to become an ODP?

I was working as a sales manager for Orange, as well as being a serving member of the reserve armed forces.  The opportunity came to take my voluntary redundancy and therefore I did and decided to use my skills I learnt through the Army and go to University to gain my ODP diploma.


What attracted you to apply for your role here?

I had heard that the hospital was a state of the art facility and had just begun.  I started by working bank shifts and then joined as I felt this was too much of an exciting opportunity to turn down.  I felt that there was lots I could give the hospital and lots of rewards I would receive in return.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

The interaction I have with the team.  That includes staff, consultants and patients.


Tell us about a typical day in your job at Ramsay Health Care UK?

I come into work and welcome the team as they make their ways into work.  I will have a briefing with each of the theatres to ensure the staff have all arrived for work, they have the correct equipment needed for the list/day.  I ensure that the brief is carried out with the full theatre team and everything is discussed.  I usually attend a briefing with the management team to discuss issues from the previous day, so lessons could be learnt, and any possible impacts to the day ahead. 

Throughout the day, I co-ordinate to ensure we have relevant staff in the correct places at all times.  If any of the staff/consultants have an issues they can approach me in the office to discuss.  Each day, I will check the lists for the weeks ahead to make sure that the equipment will be available and making sure that we have the correct staffing levels and correct skill mix.

I carry out audits that are needed for the CQC.  Usually, I will have individual meetings with every staff member to ensure any problems are resolved.


For someone thinking of a careers as an ODP at Ramsay Health Care UK, what advice do you have?

Join the team, it’s a fantastic place to work and a great team work in.


What do you enjoy the most about working for Ramsay Healthcare UK?

How well the business puts its people first.


We really value our people, tell us how you benefit from this culture in your work life balance with us?

Once you finish your shift, you feel proud that the day has been successful and you can relax at home.  

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