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Lisa Camden

The Yorkshire Clinic

Gall stone removal

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Lisa has been aware of the fact that she had gall stones following an ultrasound scan approx. 7-8 years ago.

For the last 12 months, Lisa had 3 or 4 attacks of gall bladder symptoms where the pain was so intense she would pass out and experience episodes of vomiting. The condition was significantly affecting her life not only due to the debilitating painful episodes but also the constant background discomfort and the fact that she was unable to eat or drink many of her favourite things.

From start to finish her experience at The Yorkshire Clinic was a positive one. The process was explained clearly to her at pre-assessment and she received detailed written information about her procedure. The Covid process was explained clearly and she was fully aware of and complied with the 2 week pre op isolation.

She attended for a Covid swab as instructed 72 hours prior to her procedure and felt she had been clearly instructed on the process to follow. The pre op nurse who saw her was very calm and explained the whole process clearly. She struggled to get blood, possibly due to the cold weather that day but she remained calm and asked for help as well as suggesting Lisa sit in her car to warm up a bit.

Eventually the nurse asked for help and managed to get a blood sample and both nurses involved made her feel reassured through what was a difficult process.The procedure post Covid swab was explained, that she would only be contacted if the swab was positive, otherwise to attend the Hospital as planned at 7am on the 12th Jan.

On the day of the procedure, Lisa arrived and was met in reception by a nurse who asked her to change into a surgical masks and the reasons for this clearly given. The nurses on the ward introduced themselves and fully explained the procedure telling advising her place on the theatre list.

Lisa was seen by a Dr who gave a full explanation of the procedure. The staff in theatres were lovely and very calm which totally put her at ease as she was very nervous. Lisa was back on the ward for 10am but her temperature and BP were a little low so the nurses wrapped her up to try to get her warm and this soon passed.

Lisa struggled initially to pass urine and the nurses showed great concern, encouraging her to drink and when this did not seem to be working liaised with her consultant who suggested a drip to kick start her kidneys- at this point she managed to empty her bladder!

Due to this she was a little later leaving than planned and didn’t leave until 8pm. She received full instructions on her post op wound care and was given a supply of dressings. She said her nurse Lucy was very clear with her that this was a major operation and she should take things easy and expect some post op pain.

Lisa received very clear instructions around medication, who to contact should she have any problems and that she would receive a follow up telephone consultation from her consultant at 6 weeks.

She was escorted to the door by her nurse who carried everything for her.

Lisa received a call 7 days post procedure to check on Covid symptoms.

Lisa is now making excellent progress and although she thinks she possibly went back to work as a nursery nurse a little too soon and had some problems with a wound infection she is now significantly improved and finally able to eat anything she likes again and even drink alcohol!

She describes her care at The Yorkshire Clinic as exceptional from start to finish and would like to thank everyone involved with her care from the nurses, theatre staff, cleaning staff who kept the Hospital cleaned to a very high standard to the catering team who made her a sandwich as she had to stay a little longer than expected.

Lisa would recommend The Yorkshire Clinic to anyone and would not hesitate in coming back here if needed. Everyone made her feel at ease and comfortable during her stay and have made a significant change to her life.

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