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Nancy Edwards

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Knee Replacement



I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my knees for over 10 years; originally starting with an episode of rheumatoid arthritis which burnt itself out but left me with osteoarthritis in several joints. I have had numerous debridements and wash outs to my right knee at The Yorkshire clinic over the years. I have always been under the care of Mr Richard Grogan who has discussed the option of a total knee replacement for a year or two as he was aware that my right knee joint is deteriorating, and producing all the pain despite the fact that my left knee appears worse on x-ray.

At my last visit in July 2019 Mr Grogan asked me to bring my husband as he didn’t think I was being entirely honest about the problems that the knee was giving me because I was frightened of having a total knee replacement. I was having significant problems both physically and emotionally with the pain and restricted movement; in addition, it was causing tension in my relationship. I was limited with my walking and not able to walk any great distance or manage hills, I used to enjoy hill walking with my husband and 3 rescue dogs.

My decision to proceed to surgery was not taken lightly but the knee pain was seriously affecting my quality of life so I opted to come in for surgery in December 2019 as my husband could be at home with me over that period.

I found my experience at The Yorkshire Clinic to be exceptional from start to finish. I was well prepared for the journey at the pre assessment clinic and given lots of information to refer to for guidance. Mr Grogan’s secretary was very reassuring when I told her that I was scared of the procedure and advised me to try and focus on the benefits.

On the day of surgery, I felt calm and reassured even though in the run up I had sleepless nights worrying about it. My surgery was at 9:00hrs so I did not have to wait long after coming in and was back on the ward for 12:30hrs. I was extremely well looked after by everyone involved and all the staff couldn’t do enough for me.

I was seen by the physiotherapist team and taught how to walk with sticks and complete the stairs confidently, I felt completely safe to manage at home in fact I did not really need my husband’s help at all. I used the cryocuff and purchased a cooler for use at home which I still use regularly.

I received a follow up phone call from the ward once I was home which was reassuring; however, I did ring the physiotherapy department for additional reassurance during the first week as I was concerned about pushing my knee bend because it was stiff. I spoke to a physiotherapist who assured me that it was normal to have stiffness and that I was fine to work on pushing the flexion. I feel it is very important that patients are able to contact The Yorkshire Clinic and ring for advice and reassurance as even with all the information that is given you don’t really know exactly what to expect.

2 weeks post operatively I attended for physiotherapy and felt amazing, I had very little pain and was out walking at home within the first few days. The physiotherapist reminded me to be careful and not to do too much as I was doing so well. I saw Mr Grogan at 6 weeks post operatively and was discharged.

I am finding it hard to believe how amazing I feel and how much I can do 10 weeks after surgery. I am out walking good distances with my dogs every day, continue to work on my exercise programme and use the cryocuff cold therapy which I find very beneficial.

The effect on my emotional wellbeing is significant too, I feel I have got my life back and I am planning to return to work as a nurse.


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