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Steve Harris

The Yorkshire Clinic

Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy



I came in for an endoscopy: both a gastroscopy and colonoscopy after an urgent referral from my GP and I met with Mr Griffiths. I was admitted several months ago, right in the middle of Covid lockdown. Went in a few days before to test for Covid-19, then isolate and was then admitted on the day required.

Reception staff were very friendly and helpful and I was seen up to the Endoscopy suite and introduced to “Junior” who I remember clearly. Another nurse got me prepared, went through the screening questionnaires such as I hadn’t had anything to eat, and was clear on what the procedure involved. She then explained Mr Griffiths would come along shortly to go through details, ask questions and all of this was done very efficiently and professionally.

They then left me for 10 minutes whilst I got prepared. Mr Griffiths came to see me and asked me what I would prefer in terms of sedation, or anything at all and I said “you explain to me what is required and the pros and cons” which he did for the gastroscopy which was first procedure. I had had a gastroscopy before some years before but again he explained the procedure, take biopsies, etc. He then told me about the colonoscopy procedure which I haven’t had before and he explained, in his opinion, analgesia with fentanyl was the best option and gave reasons why from his point of view as well as my point of view and I said “okay that’s fine”. As it turned out he was quite right as there were several moments during the procedure where he asked me to get into various positions and had I opted for sedation I may not have been able to do so.

I was then taken down to the Endoscopy suite, given the, not most pleasant experience in my life. For some strange reason I have a strong gag reflex, but under the constant administration of the nursing staff I was able to swallow and it was fine for the procedure to go ahead.

Once the gastroscopy was finished we moved onto the colonoscopy which is a bit more involved, and Mr Griffiths and his team explained what was going on throughout the entire time. Because I hadn’t had one before I asked if I could look at the camera and he allowed me to watch as he performed the procedure. He explained as he was going round, for example, he said if you are going to get any discomfort it is where we turn corners and it was exactly as he explained, I experienced a little bit of pain so administered the fentanyl but it was really interesting watching it go around, the scouring agent to clean everything out, that certainly worked.

He also pointed out I have diverticulitis and said it’s quite common for people your age, but assured me it was nothing to worry out. I heard him talking as he was taking biopsies, all very slick and professional and before I knew it I was taken back to recovery where they monitored me because of the fentanyl to make sure my blood pressure was okay for a period of time. Again Junior was here throughout my recovery process. He was excellent, he was very caring and kept a monitor of my blood pressure and made sure I could sit up and subsequently stand up and that I was feeling okay out so that I was safe to be discharged. When I got back to the room to get changed, they gave me some sandwiches which went down a treat.

Nobody wants to have these procedures done on them but if you have to have it, all I can say is Mr Griffiths and his team were very slick and professional and made the best of would could have been an unpleasant experience.

This was arranged through Choose and Book and actually done by people behind the scenes who don’t get the recognition they deserve and the lady in this particular scenario was Jill Tighe.

I did make a cake as well in the shape of a Colon to say thank you to all the staff at the Yorkshire Clinic.

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