Radiotherapy is widely used treating cancer, alongside Chemotherapy. It works by using ionizing radiation to cause damage to the DNA of cancer cells, eventually killing them. Nearby cells can also be damaged in this process but are more likely to recover.

If your doctors feel you need radiotherapy, a course will be devised specifically for you which takes into account the size and extent of your tumour, and your general health. 

Almost half of all people with cancer have radiotherapy as part of their treatment plan which is why Ramsay Health Care have partnered with GenesisCare who are world experts in the delivery of external beam radiotherapy. They are the largest private provider in the UK and Australia delivering 350,000 treatments worldwide each year. 

GenesisCare has installed a state of the art linear accelerator, which focuses high-energy radiation beams onto the area requiring treatment at Springfield hospital, part of Ramsay Health Care, offering a range of screening and diagnostic procedures at a time convenient to you.

We offer the support of multi-disciplinary teams who will be working together to ensure you get the care which is right for you. 

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