Following the lifting of restrictions by the Government, we would like to reassure all our patients that the way we interact with you will not be changing. All staff and consultants will continue to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing, and we require our patients and visitors to do the same, so that we are all protected.

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Astronauts face a number of physical tests when in the zero-gravity environment of space – one of which is back pain.


People are more likely to choose a smaller meal portion if they are made to vividly imagine similar foods, according to a Canadian study.


Just 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise a day could help children reduce their risk of eventual heart disease and lower their fat levels considerably, according to a Finish study.


Tasty treats don't have to be full of calories!


A high BMI, increasing waist circumference and type 2 diabetes could all lead to a higher risk of liver cancer, according to a US study.