Flip Flop Feet

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Hopefully the lovely weather we have been experiencing is here to stay.  As it hots up out come the flip flops and in comes the ankle and achilles pain.

Achilles pain commonly starts by applying more load to the ankle, such as walking and running more in flatter shoes.

Tip of the season: Ease into wearing flatter shoes to prevent achilles pain and stretch out your calves and quads before setting off for the day.

1) Calves – place hands on a wall and lean into the position as if you are doing a press up on the wall, keep you arms straight now pedal your feet for 1+ minutes.

2) Quads – Stand in a lunge position and ensure your back knee is bent to 90 degree now thrust your groin forward, feel the stretch down the front of the thigh (Quad), hold for a count of 5 and step through with the other leg and repeat (Lunge walking).

Our physiotherapy team can assess your gait and apply a personal rehab programme as well as using hands on treatments, electrotherapy, shockwave therapy and acupuncture to eradicate the pain.

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