How to Keep Your Health and Fitness Resolutions

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Did you know that a quarter of people in the UK will make a health-focused New Year’s resolution?

However, the desire to get out of bed for that 6am spin class can quickly diminish despite our best intentions, and it’s very common to drop those fitness resolutions after a week or two.

We’ve got some tips to help you keep your goals on track and keep those health and fitness resolutions all year.

Start small

Small changes are less overwhelming and easier to stick to in the long term. So, for example, instead of cutting out sugar completely, you could try reducing the sugar you have in your cup of tea by half a teaspoon. Or, if getting more sleep is your aim, try going to bed 10 minutes earlier than usual and gradually increase this.

Be realistic


Choose goals that fit with the time and budget you have. If your resolution is to move more, but a gym membership is not feasible for you, why not take a 15-minute walk as part of your daily lunchtime routine? It’s also important to select activities you genuinely enjoy rather than forcing yourself to do things you hate. Whether it’s cycling, swimming, or dancing, make sure your goals are fun and achievable for you.

Have SMART goals

SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Breaking goals down in this way makes it much easier to track your progress. For example, if you aim to boost your intake of vegetables, your SMART goal could be to eat a vegetarian dinner twice a week for the next eight weeks. Research has shown that people who write down their goals in this way are 20 per cent more likely to achieve them than those who do not.

Track your progress


Checking your progress helps you to be accountable for your actions. Using your smartphone or app to prompt you to count your steps, document your water intake or log your sleep is a quick and easy way to record your daily progress and help keep you accountable. Alternatively, simply using a notepad to journal your development each day or week and log how you are feeling can help refresh your focus.

Create a support network

Consider sharing your goals with close family and friends. Making healthier changes can be difficult, and there may be times you want to give up. However, surrounding yourself with a support network to provide emotional support, encouragement and comfort can be vital to help you stay on track when your motivation declines. You never know, they may even decide to join you in your health and fitness journey!

Reward yourself

Make sure you celebrate the small wins. Rather than waiting until you reach your ultimate goal, commit to rewarding your progress every four weeks with a little treat. It could be a much-needed massage or a lunch with friends. Regularly acknowledging your achievements is a great way to boost your mood and motivation!

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