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IPL Hair Removal

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What is IPL Hair Removal?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a non-surgical method of permanent hair removal.

It is a quick and easy procedure that thermally destroys the follicles of visible growing hair and offers long lasting results with minimal discomfort.

Visible hair is exposed to intense pulses of light and the melanin in your hair absorbs the light that moves down to the roots of your hair and permanently eliminates future hair growth.

IPL hair removal works on all hair types but the darker your hair, the more effective the treatment is as darker hair contains more melanin.

What does a IPL hair removal involve?

A cooling gel is typically applied to your treatment area first. If you are having this treatment in a sensitive area, you may require an anaesthetic cream to make the treatment more comfortable.

You will be given protective eyewear to wear during treatment to protect your eyes from the light generated by IPL hair removal.

Your practitioner will then administer pulses of light progressively over your skin in the treatment area using a hand-held applicator.

Treatment time will depend on the area being treated. Facial treatment normally takes ten minutes. Legs or an entire back may take 1.5 to two hours.

A series of treatments may be required to fully remove your body hair from the targeted area. An interval of two months is typically allocated between each treatment.

Is IPL hair removal safe?

IPL hair removal is a thought to be a safe procedure with minimal risks or complications. You may experience redness or tender skin but this usually disappears within hours to a few days.

Your practitioner will discuss the possible risks with you in detail before commencing treatment.

What is the cost of IPL hair removal?

The cost of IPL hair removal will depend on the area being treated.

Your practitioner will advise you of the cost of each treatment and the number of treatments they anticipate you will require for full hair removal.

IPL hair removal recovery and aftercare

You should have no downtime with IPL hair removal, so you can return to work and your normal daily activities straight away.

After treatment, you may experience slight redness and tenderness of the treatment area that should calm down within a few days.

Stubble may appear a few days after treatment. This is the thermally damaged hair detaching from the follicle.

IPL hair removal with Ramsay Health Care

At Ramsay, we offer the advanced IPL hair removal for patients who would like to permanently remove hair from their face or body.

We will tailor your treatment based on your individual requirements.

IPL hair removal is performed by our qualified doctors and nurses who are highly experienced in performing this procedure.

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