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Carol Damus

Rivers Hospital

Total Knee Replacement

I had a total knee replacement at Rivers Hospital, but the last 2.5 years were very painful. The knee would go out of alignment and the lower limb was going up further towards the left, so there was a lot of pain involved. I had to buy a stick and had to give up doing salsa dancing. My sister helped me as she googled the top 10 orthopaedic knee surgeons and she found Mr Allen.

I was quite nervous, I've had other surgeries before when I used to live in Brussels, but he came in and radiated confidence and I knew I was having the best of the best. Immediately, my knee actually felt safer than it has done in years!

During my stay, I had a private room which is very pleasant and a bathroom. The nursing staff were extremely professional and very caring. I had an extremely good physiotherapist who worked diligently to get me to see Mr Allen for my check-up several weeks after the operation with the bend and fluidity of movement so it was excellent.

I would definitely recommend Ramsay Health Care!

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