Why Choose Ramsay

Ramsay promises to provide all of its customers with the following quality assurance guarantees.

1 - All our hospital facilities are guaranteed to be officially registered and independently inspected by the Care Quality Commission. All our hospitals are appropriately equipped to the needs of patients undergoing both general and cosmetic surgery.

2 - All Ramsay hospitals are appropriately staffed with fully trained medical and clinical staff on a 24 hour / seven day a week basis. Customers who choose to have their cosmetic surgery in a Vive hospital are guaranteed free access to our hospital services at any time of day or night following their cosmetic surgery.

3 - All customers will be treated professionally and with total discretion throughout all aspects of their enquiry, consultation and care with Ramsay. Your confidentiality and privacy is important to us and completely guaranteed throughout every aspect of your enquiry and treatment.

4 - Ramsay prides itself on the quality of the advice and information it provides to all prospective patients. Ramsay guarantee that all information provided to patients about their cosmetic surgery will be clear, straightforward and honest, especially regarding any potential risks of surgery. No attempt will ever be made to mislead or under-inform patients about the cosmetic surgery procedure they are contemplating.

5 - All Consultant Plastic Surgeons, Consultant Specialist Surgeons and Consultant Anaesthetists who work with Ramsay will be appropriately qualified and vetted by an independent Medical Advisory Committee at each hospital to ensure that they are appropriately qualified, skilled and experienced to provide the highest possible level of service to our patients.

6 - Ramsay promise that customers will be made fully aware of all important aspects of our clinical services, including the qualifications, experience and skills of our specialist Consultant Plastic Surgeons. Advice on how to independently verify that the specialist consultants we work with have appropriate credentials will be freely given to any patient wishing to check a Consultant’s credentials.

7 - At Ramsay we believe that regular evaluation of the standard of our cosmetic surgery service is essential in order to assure patients of the highest level of clinical standards. All aspects of our care and surgical services are audited, evaluated, reported and formally documented. Our audit process is subject to open scrutiny by the Department of Health’s inspection body, the Care Quality Commission, who ensure that our high standards are safeguarded and consistently maintained.

8 - Ramsay guarantee that all patients will be provided with full aftercare relating to their original cosmetic surgery procedure. Ramsay guarantee to uphold this commitment up until the point of full recovery and a customer’s formal discharge by their respective Consultant Surgeon.

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Angela Harrison, the Inpatient Team Lead Physiotherapist at Fitzwilliam Hospital, is spearheading a commendable recycling initiative to donate the hospital’s crutches and other reusable patient equipment to PhysioNet, a UK-based charity.

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New Chief Medical Officer Ramsay Health Care UK

Mr. Geoff Graham has been named as the next Chief Medical Officer of Ramsay Health Care UK. Mr Graham, a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in upper limb, joins Ramsay UK with a wealth of leadership experience in both the NHS and the Independent sector.

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Fitzwilliam’s Advancements in Cardiology: Innovations and Improvements

Fitzwilliam Hospital’s cardiology service, the branch of medicine concerned with the heart and its disorders, is witnessing rapid advancements and innovations. From diagnostic tools to preventative measures, Fitzwilliam aims to offer its patients the latest developments that are shaping the field of cardiology.

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