CT Guided Injection

What is a CT guided Injection?

CT stands for computed tomography which is an advanced type of x-ray scanner used to create highly detailed 3D imaging of the human body.   A CT guided injection uses this technology to help doctors inject small structures such as nerves and joints deep within the body.

CT guided injections are used to treat pain that is associated with nerves in your neck, lower back and in other parts of your body. CT guided injections are also used to treat joint, muscle and tendon problems deep in the body which are difficult to see with traditional fluoroscopy (x-ray) or ultrasound. 

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Robotic-assisted total knee replacement for improved surgical outcomes

Patients having knee replacement surgery at Clifton Park Hospital, based in York - now have the option of a robotic assisted knee replacement. A new robotic surgical assistant called the ROSA Knee System is now being used at the hospital to help support surgeons to target better fit and function than ever before.

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Cobalt Hospital Achieves Re-accreditation of JAG

Cobalt Hospital are proud to achieve reaccreditation of JAG. Join accreditation group (JAG) visited the site during January, and successfully awarded the Endoscopy department with re-accreditation.

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Hertfordshire MP Julie Marson visits Rivers Hospital

Julie Marson MP, Member of Parliament for Hertford and Stortford and the former Employment Minister, recently visited Rivers Hospital in Hertfordshire to meet local doctors, nurses and staff to see how the hospital is providing high quality healthcare for local people.

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